Unprecedented in Europe

Embark on a journey unlike any other with Ulaya Safaris in Europe. Experience the mind-blowing and transformative power of nature as you encounter wildlife in rewilded landscapes. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to explore Europe’s undiscovered and pristine wilderness, home to regaining wildlife and apex predators. As a certified Rewilding Europepartner, Ulaya designs unforgettable safaris in the heart of Europe’s wildest nature.

Satisfy your hunger for adventure and choose Ulaya for a wildlife experience even more profound than Africa.


Say yes to Europe, and say yes to Ulaya! (meaning Europe in Swahili)


Choose Ulaya Safaris for a greener, more sustainable and profound wildlife experience. With Ulaya, you make a difference. We support the Rewilding of Europe. Our local partners and contributions to Rewilding NGOs make Ulaya Safaris not just an unforgettable journey but a purposeful act. We call it regenerative safaris.

Book an Ulaya Safari and make a positive impact while creating memories to last a lifetime.


Experience the Wild Beauty of Europe, while making it an even Wilder Place