Our Purpose: Rewilding People & Planet through Safaris

At Ulaya, we believe that the magic of wildlife safaris is not limited to the African continent. We specialize in curating safaris in Europe, taking care of every detail and providing a unique and transformative wilderness experience that builds lifetime memories.

Our safaris are based on – and contribute to – the concept of rewilding. We provide exclusive access to some of Europe’s most beautiful and wildest nature parks and reserves (ie. we acquired the Rewilding Europe Training Tourism certificate). We selected and nurture amazing partners, expert guides and proud locals to ensure that you have a truly memorable experience.

We believe that our safaris are not just holidays but life-changing experiences that should enrich your life forever

Rewilding Nature in Europe

Rewilding is restoring ecosystems to their natural state and allowing nature to take care of itself again, free from human interference. Rewilding aims to re-establish the diversity and abundance of species, including predators, herbivores, and other wildlife, and to restore natural landscapes and habitats. Rewilding often involves reintroducing native species that have disappeared from the area, such as wolves, beavers, or bison, to recreate natural ecological processes.

In addition to ecological benefits, rewilding has social and economic benefits as well. It brings back pride to (young) people in rural abandoned areas. It creates new social and economic opportunities (like regenerative tourism and education). Rewilding also provides ecosystem services such as clean water, carbon storage, and flood control.

Europe is quickly rewilding in hidden and pristine areas (as part of its ambitious Green Deal 30×30 target: Protect 30% of Europe’s nature in 2030). This offers unprecedented chances for deep & profound safari experiences that contribute to making Europe a wilder place, while reconnecting you with wild nature, in ways you never thought possible.

We invite you to join us on our next adventure and discover – and contribute to – the magic of rewilding in Europe