Our Vision: Nature Enhancing Tourism in Europe

Sustainable tourism isn’t enough, nature-based tourism should enhance nature’s come back & rewilding in Europe – Bart Schutz (Ulaya)

Although associated with wilderness trips in Africa, safari’s are no longer reserved for only Africa: Safaris in Europe have arrived! Tourists desire the same or even better experience, yet closer to home. We believe in smarter and greener tourism industry. We believe in regenerative travel; enhancing Europe’s wilderness.

We’ve embarked on a mission to show the world that top-notch safari experiences can be greener, smarter, less crowded, and contributing to the comeback -instead of at the expense- of nature. Previously sustainable tourism had the aim to counterbalance the social and environmental impacts associated with travel. We believe we should be more aspirational in Europe. Nowhere has humanity replaced wild nature for its own activities as much as in Europe. A massive movement has started to re-balance nature. Europe will bring back nature to at 30% of its surface, as well as ‘rewild’ it.

We partner with both European wildlife and nature-based tourism organizations in Europe. Together we build top-notch, lifetime-memory safaris, as well as hope and purpose for local communities and Europe’s reemerging and rewilding nature.

The new frontier for tourism is “regenerative travel” –  Wim Bertram (Ulaya)

Let’s restore Europe’s wilderness for future generations

Growing wilderness in Europe, and leaving it better than we found it. Regenerative travel has its roots in regenerative development and design. The concept has applications across many fields.

Regenerative tourism is about restoring and then regenerating the capability to live in a new relationship with nature in an ongoing way

ULAYA’s safaris regenerate and rewild Europe’s nature in three ways:

  1. 25% of our profits are directly donated to our wilderness regenerating and rewilding partners
  2. Our safaris lower the carbon footprint of tourists by removing their need to fly for 1st class safari experiences
  3. We offer local communities & clusters a better (regenerative) economic alternative for their (nature exhausting) economies

Top-notch safari tourism is the way to enable the transition from unsustainable rural economies to the regeneration & rewilding of nature in Europe!