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Our Rewilding-Safaris:

Wild Nature Safari Trips in Europe Wolves Tracking Apennines
12% Off
1,750 1,980

An adventurous 5 winter days in the wild Central Apennines - Italy. We will explore the extraordinary social life of wolves, following their paths in the Abruzzo Wildlife Parks ON TOUR SKI'S!

Wild Nature Safari Trips in Europe Eurasian Brown Bear Watching
12% Off
1,750 1,980

Immerse yourself in the extraordinary social realm of the elusive Marsican Brown Bear, the mystical Appenine wolves, graceful deer, and other fascinating wildlife. Embark on a captivating 4 to 5-day hiking adventure through the untamed landscapes of the Central Apennines, where nature's wonders come to life. This journey invites you to follow in their footsteps within the Abruzzo Wildlife Parks, forging a deep connection as you spend nights surrounded by their natural habitats.

Ulaya Safaris: Experience a Wilder Europe


Experience Europe’s untamed wilderness and wildlife. We offer high-end safaris in Europe for private groups (families, friends, business teams). Exclusive nature & wildlife journeys ranging from 3 to 14 days. At Ulaya, we are committed to tailoring and curating the best possible experience for you. We believe that our safaris are not ‘just holidays’. Life’s to short not to create mind-blowing experiences that enrich your life. Discover the magic of a Rewilding in Europe and create memories for life.

Wild Nature Safari Trips in Europe Wolves Tracking Alps

We have teamed up with best local guides and service providers in Europe’s Wildlife Parks . Just to build profound lifetime memories for you.


  • Wildlife Encounters  (with Europe’s big five)
  • Exclusive Accommodations
castles, private mountain cabins, off-grid tiny houses
  • Privileged access (to Europe’s wildest nature parks)
  • Outdoor Food Experiences (foraging, tastings in the wild, campfire cooking)
  • Gourmet Dining & Wining
(with the finest chefs)
  • Cultural Deep Dives (in local and traditional communities)
  • Top-notch Guides (wildlife, wilderness & mountain guides)
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