Unforgettable Wild Nature Experiences

Ulaya creates luxury safari experiences in Europe’s untamed wilderness for private groups, such as families, friends, and business teams. These exclusive nature & wildlife trips range from 3 to 14 days and are customized to provide deep, unforgettable moments and memories.

Our most recent trips:

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Wildlife Safaris Destinations in Europe


Deep & Profound Experiences

Ulaya Safaris go beyond standard wilderness trips. We include transformative experiences and lifetime memories, like:

  • Wildlife Encounters
    (with Europe’s big five)
  • Exclusive Accommodations
    (castles, remote mountain huts, off-grid tiny houses)
  • Privileged access
    (to Europes wildest nature parks)
  • Outdoor Food Experiences
    (foraging, tastings in the wild, campfire cooking)
  • Gourmet Dining & Wining
    (with the finest chefs)
  • Cultural Deep Dives
    (in local cities & communities)
  • Rewilding Rallies
    (all-road self-drive trips through pristine nature)
  • Top-notch Guides
    (hosts, nature, wilderness & mountain guides)

At Ulaya, we are committed to tailoring and curating the best possible experience for you. We believe that our safaris are not just holidays but life-changing experiences that will enrich your life. We invite you to join us on our next adventure and discover the magic of a rewilding Europe.

What a cool place Ulaya!!!! Unbelievable. Super super nice. Thanks, man. We are so happy!!!

RICHARD DOBBE - Company Owner

“It’s unbelievable how pristine, yet undiscovered Europe’s wilderness is. Immersive experiences don’t require flying across the globe. Europes nature and wildlife are hidden, but 1st class!


“Re-wild yourself and get inspired by the rhythm of nature. Amazing dark skies, campfire at your toes, the music of the bush, early morning first ray of sunshine