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ULAYA Safari Audit & Safari Development Roadmap

OMG, we already created our first product: Our 'ULAYA Location Audit' Why is this our first product? Well, the first requests we got from our network was to audit locations and properties for their suitability for deep & profound safari experiences... So, we needed a framework to measure how well a location is suited for safaris. THE GOAL Provide a clear roadmap for what needs to be developed in order Therefore we set off using our skills in product design, experience psychology, etc.. We brainstormed about the '1000 little things' that determine a deep & profound wilderness experience. We ended with a wall scattered with all the aspects that influence our human minds while on safari. Looking at it, made us craving; we were on the right path... Categorizing the 1000 little things seemed madness.  We tried to group them, tried a different approach, and another one, and then we found one that made total sense. An elegant method to categorize the madness. We then showed it to friends & experts and got perfect feedback. We were on the right track... We fine-tuned our framework and ended with 3 main categories, divided into 10 sub-categories that unite all the nitty-gritty aspects of an immersive safari experience. Finally, we visualized the framework in a spider graph. Now we can map locations in Europe for their safari-suitability. Moreover, the framework provides a clear, practical and logical roadmap in 'phases' to develop a location from a moderate location to

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We have a NAME!!!

ULAYA - European Safari Experiences The journey we are embarking on now has a name...! First, we brainstormed on dozens of possible names. Then we drilled them down to the 5 we loved the most (Wild Crew, Ulaya, Wild Lords, Wild Magic, Bush Beats, and WonderWild). Finally, we've sent a survey to our inner circle and we got HILARIOUS FEEDBACK See for example the following images with some of the associations we received regarding the options 'Wild Lords' and 'Ulaya'  All in all, the graph below shows how the options were rated. It gave us a clear top three: Ulaya Europe Safaris, and WonderWild And the winner is... 🎉🤩 ULAYA 🥂🙏 Or, officially: ULAYA - European Safari Experiences FYI: Ulaya means 'Europe' in Swahili (East-Africa). Just like 'Safari' is Swahili for 'Journey'.... We now have a name and truly happy with it. We're off!!!

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It’s Official: Our New Journey Has Started!

PHOTOGRAPHY ADVICE I GIVE EVERY TIME 12-02-2021 a palindrome day (reads the same backward as forward)! And today we had diner with our loved ones, got full of energy and toasted to our new startup: An agency that will design, develop & realise top-notch safari experiences in Europe! LET'S BRING TOP-NOTCH SAFARIS TO EUROPE! and create deep & profound wilderness experiences that form lifetime memories, while assisting nature's come back and rewilding.

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