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We have a NAME!!!

ULAYA – European Safari Experiences

The journey we are embarking on now has a name…!

First, we brainstormed on dozens of possible names. Then we drilled them down to the 5 we loved the most (Wild Crew, Ulaya, Wild Lords, Wild Magic, Bush Beats, and WonderWild). Finally, we’ve sent a survey to our inner circle and we got


See for example the following images with some of the associations we received regarding the options ‘Wild Lords‘ and ‘Ulaya 😂

All in all, the graph below shows how the options were rated. It gave us a clear top three:

  1. Ulaya
  2. Europe Safaris, and
  3. WonderWild

And the winner is…

🎉🤩 ULAYA 🥂🙏

Or, officially: ULAYA – European Safari Experiences

FYI: Ulaya means ‘Europe’ in Swahili (East-Africa). Just like ‘Safari’ is Swahili for ‘Journey’….

We now have a name and truly happy with it. We’re off!!!

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